Re: does this DWV layout look legal?
Posted by hj on March 02, 2004 at 22:02:47:
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A 3x2 Y, facing towards the lavatory location, in the vertical pipe with the vent then sloping upward with the lavatory connected to it would satisfy the code requirement. If I were doing it, the 3" riser would be at the lavatory location with the toilet connected to a sanitary tee rotated to the proper orientation to extend to the toilet location. Then a proper cleanout tee above the floor with a reducer and a 2x1 1/2" tee for the lavatory.

upward: specicially is the use of a heel 90 legal to vent the toilet?

: can the tub vent go horizontal before it goes up for the vent?

: where the lav and tub tie into toilet line is the use of a Y + a 45 correct? it is horizontal to horizontal.

: thanks,
: rob

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