Re: does this DWV layout look legal?
Posted by Deb on March 02, 2004 at 16:49:08:
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: specicially is the use of a heel 90 legal to vent the toilet?

: can the tub vent go horizontal before it goes up for the vent?

: where the lav and tub tie into toilet line is the use of a Y + a 45 correct? it is horizontal to horizontal.

: thanks,
: rob

The vent takeoff needs to be downstream of the fixture. My first year plumbing teacher told us when we were first learning venting and drainage: "Plumb to the vent...and then to the fixture." Vents cannot be offset horizontal under the flood rim level of the fixture. There are, however, special rules where vents connect to horizontal drainage pipes (we call it flat venting in my part of the woods--it is not flat however), but it is run entirely different than "regular" venting. A wye and a 45 is the correct fitting combination to tie into the main line.
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