Re: sears power miser 8 gas water heater
Posted by Teri Sherman on March 02, 2004 at 09:39:16:
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: The pilot light went out overnight for the first time in years. I lit the pilot and the burner came on just fine but while waiting for the water to get hot I noticed a musty steamy smell in the laundry room where the heater is. Is this a normal smell while the water is heating up again??? Don't smell gas so I don't think theres a leak but I don't know if there's water in the tank. Help please. what do i do now???

Thank you for your help. The pilot light will only stay lit for about 4 hours and goes out. This happened twice then. I called Sears to come out and now he sais "over the phone" that it's probably the thermostat. Does that sound right to you???? Certainly sounds like big bucks for them...Thanks again for helping me out with this

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