Re: sears power miser 8 gas water heater
Posted by Rick/ EX-Sears TECH on February 29, 2004 at 20:44:54:
In response to Re: sears power miser 8 gas water heater
You may have overdrawn the tank(used all the hot water) this creates a cold surface in the flu tube(exhaust, condensation forms about 3/4 way up and drips down onto the burner. It flows over the burner edge and drowns out the pilot. Until you warm up the water heater the flu may back draft at the top (where room air mixes with flu gases) it will go away after the chimmney warms up.If it continues to go out order a kit from Sears with a larger pilot orifice.Also try tilting the burner plat towards the rear so the water will drain off the back and not onto the pilot. This condition occurs more often in the winter when the water comes in real cold, keep thermostat up in the winter.

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