Re: Replace copper drain.
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on February 29, 2004 at 20:12:24:
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: Have a pin hole leak in a copper drain that connect to a cast iron drain. I appeares that the drain connects to the cast iron pipe by a brass nut that is threaded into the copper pipe and the coppe drain line is soldered to the brass nut. The house was built in 1966. Can the nut be removed with out breaking the cast iron pipe. I would like to replace this line with PVC.

: Thank you
: Regards Bill

Bill seeing as how the copper was installed in 1966 and gave many years of fine service why would you consider installing PVC?

Many codes do not allow PVC and if it is just a pin hole one can solder/silver braze it.

What your describing sounds like a slip joint and it should be safe to disconnect.

For every argument you can give for using PVC I can give one for using copper or cast Iron.

How many cars have you replaced since 1966?

Go back with copper and worry about it in another 38 years.

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