Re: How to measure water pressure?
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on February 29, 2004 at 20:01:52:
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: The hot water line in my building has too much sediments I was said and contractor wants to replace the whole line. Is there a gauge to measure resinential water pressure? Thanks

Depending on the type of "pressure" your looking for would be asked

Hydrostatic is pressure is a no flow condition. .434 times the height gives you one type of pressure when this system is isolated from incoming main pressure

Actual working pressure is where the water is flowing and you take friction losses into consideration.

Figuring in valves,fittings and developed lenth

Most of the time folks confuse pressure with volume.

There are gauges but they should be installed at the point of supply and at a point down stream to see the loss through piping and fittings

Hot water lines do tend to block up faster do to mineral deposits and the kind of piping material installed like galvanized steel piping, Yalloy, Galvanized Wrought etc.

Personally I would consider the age and condition of the piping and if this is only a hot water problem then consider a piping replacement using non ferrous materials like copper or brass

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