Basment toilet already roughed in but no vents??
Posted by BasementFun on February 29, 2004 at 14:38:07:
I have our basement bathroom to finish, in the cement there are two 4" pipes with screwed on end caps, I've opened them up, and they go into the sewer, the house was built 25 years ago.
I've tested a toilet on the pipe that fits the toilet distance from the wall, it flushes and drains well.
I'm now installing the basin so I jackhammered the slab out of the way to move the basin where we want it however I'm not seeing a vent anywhere... could the vent be inside the cement wall? or did the builder just not bother to put in a vent stack for the rough in? now, because the toilet flushes so well, I'm thinking there is a vent somewhere I'm not seeing?

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