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Posted by hj on February 29, 2004 at 09:52:01:
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Your problem, if you stated it correctly, is not with the water heater. The circuit to it may not have been wired properly. To shut it down completely, you have to turn off a "double" circuit breaker in the panel box. If the original owner did some "creative" wiring, he may have two separate circuit breakers to the heater and you will have to find out which two control it. You might also want to get an electrician to check it if that is the way he wired it to insure that it was done properly. Turning one circuit breaker off will not turn it off completely.

: I bought a new house that the original owner told me had a new hot water heater. I was labeling the breaker box in my new home and found that we could not kill the power completely to the water heater. I don't have any manuals or documents on the water heater and would like to know if there is a Reliance website where I might find installation instructions on it.Thanks for your help...Amy

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