Thanks hj !! nm
Posted by Mark on February 28, 2004 at 16:48:26:
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Thankyou thankyou! Mark

: The 4049 tank is a gravity tank for the pre 1.6 gpf models. The 4098 tank is a pressure assisted tank for the 1.6 gpf Glenwall. The mountings should be different for the two tanks, and by implication the bowls also, so they should not interchange. But if they were interchangeaable, it is not likely that the 1.6 gpf volume, even with the pressure assist, would flush your older bowl. And if you do not already have the 4049 tank you may have difficulty finding any thing other than a used one for it.

: : I recently bought anAMERICAN STANDARD 3201.050 GLENWALL ELONGATED Wall Hung Bowl. It is *supposed* to be part of the American-Standard 2093 combination.
: : Is this an older model?
: : I was told that I needed the 4049 tank for this,which is what I have. I like the 4098 tank is narrower and more modern looking.
: : Can I use the 4098 instead? Or another model?

: : Thanks! Mark

: : PS: I did buy the carrier from Terry,but I wish I would have gotten everything from him! Terry,do you carry the poosible modern replacement,if there is one?
: : TIA

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