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Posted by Gary Slusser on February 28, 2004 at 11:58:11:
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: I recently moved in to a trailer which has the water fed from the house next door. Neither unit has been lived in or used in at least 2 years. I managed to get the main water lines from the artesian well with a submersible pump unthawed and had a low amount of water to the trailer. I came to find out that the pressure tank was bad so I replaced the tank, pressure switch, check valve, tee and basically everything in the basement. Once everything was put together, I turned it on and the pump is not working now, but it was before(i could here it very clearly). I have the pipe disconnected from the well and with everything off I have had a continuous flow, though very litle, of water. I am an electrician, so I have traced the power source all the way to the well itself and everything is perfect. The well casing is almost full of water. I have dug about a 5 foot hole and located the pipe from the well to the house. I still cannot manage to get the pump out of the well. The pump, when on, will make an occassional humming noise but only for a second then nothing. I need to know how to get this pump out so I can see what is wrong with it. Please Help, I have been working on this for over a month now with no water. Thank you.

If you have water coming into the basement but not into the pressure tank, you may have a check valve turned around backwards. If so you won't get water into the tank. They are screwed onto the tank tee.

To pull the pump you look down insdie the well casing. You'll see a 1" hole (usually) in the top of the pitless adapter. You screw a pipe into that with a tee handle and lift. before you do that you turn off the power and undo the cale connection in the well casing or if there are none, cut the cable so you can have enough slack to use wire nuts to redo it when you put the pump back in the well. Depending on the depth of the pump and the material the plumbing the pump is hanging on, you may need 3-4 guys, a pump pulling machine or a derrick truck. Search for "pitles adapter" + well and see wha tthey look like.

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