Shower Stall Drain
Posted by Tom on February 28, 2004 at 10:30:21:
We had a leaking shower stall drain in a 6 year old house. Narrowed the leak down to the drain area itself since after removing the drain cover, spin out piece and gasket I pumped a bunch of water straight down the pipe and the leak was gone. Piping is all PVC.

The drain pipe is slightly misaligned (1/4" or less) from the shower drain hole so my guess is that over time the stress of the misalignment caused the leak.

Now that I'm trying to reassemble the thing I'm a bit stuck. I think that what was originally there was as follows:

Metal cover screwed into the piece that rotates out. It appears that something like plumbers putty was between the collar of the movable piece and the shower pan. Under the shower pan was a gasket and then came the pipe in the floor itself. I think the gasket was also covered with something resembling plumbers putty.

I went to the 'experts' at Home Depot to get a clean replacement gasket and they said they didn't carry them since they were very particular to the actual drain assembly which is fine. I'll reuse the one I have.

My question (finally) is what gunk do I use between the connections? I'm specifically concerned about what to coat the gasket with (if anything). Also is plumbers putty the right answer between the movable collar and the shower drain pan or should it be silicone bathroom caulk? I'm guessing that over time the plumbers putty at that point is what was leaking. I wasn't sure how plumbers caulk "compresses" when twisting that collar tight.

Thank you for your input!!!!!


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