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Posted by hj on February 28, 2004 at 09:51:15:
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You have a "Mickey Mouse" drain connection. There is not supposed to be a "clamp or grip to keep spillage in the drain". If you have one, then it must be because the drain in the wall is defective and cannot accept the normal water discharge from the washing machine. Rather than trying to make the drain tighter, which will overload the washing machine pump and possibly cause it to fail, have a plumber check the drain line to see what its problem is.

: : My washer has a plastic hose that goes into the "drain" or "pipes" on the wall in my basment. The water should spin out and go through the hose and into the pipe. However, the "clamp" or "grip" that should leave no room for "spillage" isn't working properly. I changed it by getting a rubber hose and two small clamps in an attempt to force the water to go straight into the drainage pipe and not overflow or spill out, but it still isn't working. What should I do?

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: The connection you're referring to is just supposed to be inserted into the drain pipe and only secured with a clamp or tie wire to prevent it from popping out.
: It appears that the washing machine drain hose either has a hole or rip it in or most likely, the drain is clogged/restricted and the water is actually overflowing from the top of the pipe during a rinse cycle. If this is the case, the WM drain line will need to be snaked and clean of what is probably clothes lint build up.
: Good Luck. e-plumber

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