Re: Indirect draining a washing machine
Posted by Chris on February 28, 2004 at 00:19:39:
In response to Re: Indirect draining a washing machine
: I have to say that you are rather an ass hole. You come here looking for free advise and then bad mouth the whole profession. Shame on you.

I in no way bad-mouthed the whole profession. I said plumbers had various skill levels. If you don't think that's true, please explain to me why plumbers are different from all other workers on the planet.

I've had rather a run of less than competent plumbers lately. This may have soured my attitude a bit, and I responded to the "call a professional" routine a bit strongly. But nowhere did I state, or imply, that all plumbers are incompetent.

As to "looking for free advice," I come here to discuss plumbing issues. That's what this is, a plumbing *discussion* board. Free advice, imho, is worth what you pay for it. I come here to *discuss* things; I don't blindly accept what everyone posts here, professional or not.

As an experienced amateur, I often make suggestions to the other amateurs that professionals sometimes don't think of. Usualyy, I *don't* post on things like code or proper practice, although I *can* read a code manual, but on practical matters that professionals, who do this every day, do so automatically that they don't even think about it. An example from a few days ago was the post about draining the water heater down a bit before working on the lines over it. Obviously, every plumber who posts here knows this, but no one answered it because the question probably seemed so obvious to them that it didn't occur to them that some one wouldn't know the answer.

This is not particular to plumbers, by any means. Familiarity with a subject often blinds one to the very, very basic issues that beginners face. I see this in my current professionl (computer programming) quite often.

Occasionally, there will be a question that falls within one of my areas of professional competence, and I try to answer these, as well. When I post here, I try to strike a balance between asking and answering questions. I don't see how any of this qualifies as "coming here looking for free advice."

The point of discussion boards is to discuss things (obviously!) and that implies differences of opinion. We don't have to resort to name calling.

Please read what I actually wrote and comment on that, if you choose to, not what you *think* I wrote. Shame on *you* for not reading more carefully before you posted something hostile.

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