New house, well water pressure seems low
Posted by Ace on February 27, 2004 at 16:28:23:
We just moved into a new-construction house, our first to be serviced by well water. The water pressure coming from all of the fixtures seems low in comparison with what we're used to. I checked the pressure gauge, and it appears the pump kicks in at about 35 PSI and shuts off at about 60. This is a two floor house, with a basement underneath, and the tank is in the basement. The water thus has to rise about 30 feet from the pressure gauge to the shower heads on the top floor. The well is about 500ft deep. I don't know the HP rating of the submerged pump.
My questions: 1) is significantly lower pressure simply a fact of life with well as compared to city water?
2) What would happen if I adjusted the pressure switch to say 40/80?
3) Is it possible that the small filter (looks like a large automobile oil filter) the builder included in the system is clogged? Should I try to by-pass it and see if things improve?

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