Re: Lowering basement slab - what about main DWV line?
Posted by hj on February 27, 2004 at 14:59:52:
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Aa brick house would be the most cost effective since a house mover could jack it up and then add a new section of brick to fill in the gap. The depth of the footing is not the problem. If you dig near it, you are not supposed to dig closer than a 45 degree angle from the top of it. So unless it was well below the basement floor, which is not usually the case, if you went down a foot, the new excavation would have to be at least a foot away from the footing, which would make it about 16" from the existing basement walls, so you would have to create a "bench" around the perimeter of the basement 12" high and 16" wide, minimum.

: It's a brick house, so raising the house is not cost effective (at least so far). I have done some excavation for other projects and found that the footings go well deep enough for this.

: My big worry is the depth (and effort) of the main in the street. Would the water/sewer authority have this information? If not, is there a way to get it?

: Thanks, Matt

: : And what if the main in the street is not deep enough? I am not sure how much this would cost you, but the other thing you have to consider is if you make that excavation you will be digging lower than the footings and so will either have to stabilize them somehow, or dig far enough away from them so that the soil is not disturbed around or under them. Have you checked into what it would cost to raise the house a foot?

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