Re: toilet screws in concrete - need flange?
Posted by Vaxvick on February 27, 2004 at 09:51:54:
In response to Re: toilet screws in concrete - need flange?
: I really don't know for absolute certain, I hope one of the "real" plumbers pick up on this question. My gut feeling is that a flange is needed to meet code and just to make a good installation. The existing bolts might be used to hold the flange, but that would depend on the spacing. The flange not only attaches to the concrete, it attaches to the drain as well so you may have some work to do before you put the toilet down. Put a post up with Attention HJ and/or eplumber. These are 2 plumbers that know their stuff (There are several other regulars that could give you a traight answer)

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