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Posted by anthony on February 27, 2004 at 09:51:23:
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: : i've read here that a sanitary tee can only be used in a vertical position. I have 5' extentions to two fixtures (a wet bar sink and a lav), the lav is in the center and i have laid a sanitary tee horizontal to stub out this center fixture. is there some other fitting i should use?

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: The correct fitting to use on a horizontal drain line would be a wye with a street 45 to make the stub out square. A regular ty or sanitary tee would prevent proper flow.
: ...What are you doing about venting?
: Good Luck. e-plumber

I've consulted a local plumber and called the building inspector and they have approved my plans. This is a three-year old house, with the basement stubbed out for a bathroom. I am installing that bathroom now. there is a 4" stub riser for the toilet and a hole with 2" stub out for the shower. just behind the toilet stub out is a 2" (vent) line that runs up through the roof. (the main soil stack for the upper two stories of the home is "up" the line from all of this stuff). I am tapping that 2" line, teeing off with a san tee and extending 5' a 2" extension to the drains on the wet bar sink and lav. It would be nice to know what the venting is called---wet? I was told I did not need to loop vent the two fixtures because I am only going 5'.

please advise if this sounds right to you all.


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