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Posted by e-plumber on February 27, 2004 at 08:30:50:
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: : This thread is going nowhere. It sounds like you're just commenting about how the plumbing system is a complete mess. Find someone competent enough (and licensed) to correct it and make sure the inspector is doing his/her job, not being "sweet talked".

: Well, gee, excuse me, I thought it was interesting. I *like* talking about plumbing, apparently you don't. Given my luck recently with licensed plumbers, I think I'll stick with doing it myself, thank you very much.

: Actually, you speculated about there being vents on my floor drains; I told you there weren't. I'm not sure why your comment is useful and mine makes the thread go nowhere, but maybe that's just me.

: : ...They did know quite a bit about venting 75+ years ago, I guess it depends on exactly where you are in this great big country of ours.

: The original research on venting that led to modern plumbing codes was done in the 1930's, so I really doubt that a house built in the 20's would have a modern venting system. Venting was much more hit or miss in the early part of the 20th century, regardless of where you were in the country. The saving grace is that they almost always used a 4" main stack, and generously sized the pipes. This eliminates most venting issues.

: But then, you're probably not interested in this, since I'm not a licensed plumber.

: : The real problem appears to be that the "Plumbers" didn't know how to to install a proper drainage and vent system.

: Plumbers, just like everyone else, have various skill levels, whether now or 75 years ago. The house was almost certainly plumbed by a professional; it was done to contemporary standards. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not how we would do it today. I happen to think that things like codes and proper techniques are important, whether one is licensed or not.

: Look, no offense, but this is plumbing, not rocket science. I've been an auto mechanic, network technician, computer programmer, home inspector, real estate appraiser, and a bunch of other things, all professionally. Some of them I was better at than other, but most of them were harder than plumbing, so I don't really buy your "no one can do a good job but a licensed professional" line.

: If that's really what you think, what are you doing on a board like this giving advice to amateurs? I mean, I think that everyone knows that hiring a professional is an option. Your telling them is not really news.

: I post here because discussing things with other people is a good way to avoid errors and insure that one is not charging down a blind alley. If you object to my questions or to the fact that I choose to work on my own house, please feel free to stop responding to my posts.

Chris, I'm not about to start dissecting your's or anyone's posts & replies and go back and forth bickering, it's a total waste of time. I'm here to give advice and to help people. 99% of the time, it has been a pleasure. Occaisionally there are confrontational DIY'ers that I quickly detect and ignore. No hard feelings, no need to reply.

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