Re: Lowering basement slab - what about main DWV line?
Posted by hj on February 27, 2004 at 01:16:16:
In response to Re: Lowering basement slab - what about main DWV line?
And what if the main in the street is not deep enough? I am not sure how much this would cost you, but the other thing you have to consider is if you make that excavation you will be digging lower than the footings and so will either have to stabilize them somehow, or dig far enough away from them so that the soil is not disturbed around or under them. Have you checked into what it would cost to raise the house a foot?

: Hi - we're looking to add a bathroom to the basement, but the cieling height is only 79 inches - local code requires at least 84 (really 90 for a shower, but who's counting).

: As I am in the process of cutting the slab to run the piping, I had the thought of simply 'lowering' the slab a good foot or so to surpass the code requirements. Then I got to thinking about the angle and slpoe for the main sewer line...

: Will I be able to do what I am thinking? Do I need to dig up the whole main waste line all the way to the street? If so, Is there a way to check it out and find out where to dig before I start ripping up everything?

: Thanks, Matt