Lowering basement slab - what about main DWV line?
Posted by Matt on February 27, 2004 at 00:09:24:
Hi - we're looking to add a bathroom to the basement, but the cieling height is only 79 inches - local code requires at least 84 (really 90 for a shower, but who's counting).

As I am in the process of cutting the slab to run the piping, I had the thought of simply 'lowering' the slab a good foot or so to surpass the code requirements. Then I got to thinking about the angle and slpoe for the main sewer line...

Will I be able to do what I am thinking? Do I need to dig up the whole main waste line all the way to the street? If so, Is there a way to check it out and find out where to dig before I start ripping up everything?

Thanks, Matt