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Posted by Deb on February 26, 2004 at 17:55:53:
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: I am remodeling our bathroom and I've run into a snag. We currently have a pedestal sink that is about 19-20" wide. It is centered right in front of the current drain line (which is PVC). Right behind the pedestal sink is a P trap and a small extension piece that connects to the drain line sticking out of the wall. The drain line sticking out of the wall is a white PVC stub.
: We bought a new vanity that is 30" wide and a 31" x 19" sink top for it, along with a new one handle faucet.

: Here is the problem. As of right now, the pedestal sink is very close to the toilet (which is just to the left of it. From the center of the toilet to the left edge of the pedestal sink, it is about 15-16" inches, which is the minimum required.
: When we bought the new wider vanity, which is 10"-12" wider than the current pedestal sink, we thought no problem. We'll align the left edge of the new wider vanity with the old left edge of the pedestal sink and just extend 10" farther over on the right side (because we have room on that side - no other fixtures or obstructions).
: However, it wasn't until we got home that we realized that this is going to put the drain hole for the sink slightly offset from the drain line stub sticking out of the wall. The supply lines are no problem because they are just compression fittings and we will use braided flexible steel lines to connect them to the new sink. But the drain line has thrown a problem in our way.
: Obviously, there isn't much length/depth from the stem that will come out of the new sink, connecting to the P trap, and then going back to the drain line.
: Can I make this work, short of moving the drain line in the wall?
: My most favored option would be either finding a way with PVC fittings to get the alignment right, or, if it exists, to use some rubber/flexible fitting from the P trap to the drain line coming out of the wall, if it is allowed and proper.
: My next option I guess would be to get into the wall and install a new T fitting, but angle it towards the drain line of the new sink. I'd rather not have to do that, but I'm not sure how best to fix this correctly and easiest.

: Could this be done by installing an extension elbow onto the P trap, and installing a 45" small elbow on the drain line coming out of the wall, and then turning both until they are aligned and fit together? Maybe I'd have to turn the P trap a bit also...

: Ideas?
: Thanks,
: Greg

You can cut the old trap adapter off and glue a PVC 45 or 22 onto the drainage pipe from the wall and a new trap adapter onto that. There is nothing wrong with swinging the trap. On pedestals, we like to line them up perfectly because they show. Don't glue anything until you know that it will work. Everything needs to line up right--no cocked fittings.
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