Re: Indirect draining a washing machine
Posted by e-plumber on February 26, 2004 at 17:19:50:
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: : The floor drains could very well be vented, the vent would be under the floor, then run to a wall, then connect to an existing vent that penetrates the roof.

: That's theoretically possible, but doesn't happen to be the case. There is only *one* vent in the house: the top of the main stack is the only penetration through the roof. The sinks and lavs had S-traps, and the upstairs bathtub was on 8' of 1-1/2" galvanized drain line with no vent. The house is 75+ years old; they didn't know as much about venting in those days.

: Under these conditions, the chances that they vented the floor drains are nil. In any case, if there were vent lines, they'd have to connect to the main stack somewhere, and I can see the entire length of the main stack from the attic and there aren't any connections other than drains.

This thread is going nowhere. It sounds like you're just commenting about how the plumbing system is a complete mess. Find someone competent enough (and licensed) to correct it and make sure the inspector is doing his/her job, not being "sweet talked".
...They did know quite a bit about venting 75+ years ago, I guess it depends on exactly where you are in this great big country of ours. The real problem appears to be that the "Plumbers" didn't know how to to install a proper drainage and vent system.

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