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Posted by anthony on February 26, 2004 at 10:05:05:
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: : i'm installing a bathroom in a basement finish. i've roughed in all the copper but for one last connection. i have to cut the existing supply lines to the rest of the house to feed my new copper. the lines to which i am going to tap are coming off the water heater (that's the most convenient location. do you have any tips on cutting into these lines without dousing the water heater. i can drain a lot of the water from the system through the washing machine but there will still be some in there when i cut.

: Uhhh... you could drain the water heater. That would remove the water from the lines above it, no? Make sure to turn off the gas or electricity (whichever the heater is) to the heater before emptying it.

brilliant! sorry, that may have been (was) one of the dumbest questions i have asked.

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