well pump: Hey, Hube!
Posted by Sam on February 26, 2004 at 09:25:40:
To make sure you see it, I re-post a portion and add to what I started on 2/20/04:
: Let me recap this: my water pipes into the house froze, then unthawed---although I don�t think the pump froze. Now my problem is that the pump goes up to 40# pressure, then just keeps running without shutting off. I replaced the impeller and re-plumbed several fittings which were leaking. I now have only a slight dribble where the hose from the tank attaches to the pump outlet. This (lack of leaks) is better than it has been in years. Since this problem developed I have kept the power to the pump shut off except when I am running water in my house. But even when it is shut off overnight, the system seems to hold its prime, but not the system pressure. The pump just won�t shut off.
: I tried draining (power off) the tank of all water, and checked the air pressure is. The AIR pressure in the tank should be 2 lbs below the pump cut-in pressure. The air pressure in the tank was 6# (so where did that pressure go? Do I have a leak? It seems to have been fine for several years now, but water in the tank may have frozen at the beginning of this problem�). So I inflated the air pressure to 38# and it seems to be holding there: I checked it after an hour and it had not budged. But when I primed and restarted the pump, the gauge quickly raised up to 28# and would not go any higher. And now, it seems, my system does not even hold that pressure (up until now it had held this low pressure overnight).
: About five minutes after I shut off power to the pump, the pressure gauge on the tank (not the air pressure) had gone back down to almost nothing.
: What do you suggest next? Do I make some adjustment on the pressure switch? I still do not understand the instructions for adjusting it. Thanks for your patience�
: ---sam
SAM. You will have to make sure there are NO LEAKS from the foot valve all the way up to the pump and the pressure tank. Also make sure the pump case is fully primed. Take the pressure gauge tube off and clean any crud (debris) from it. Then try it again and keep us posted to the results and we can advise further on any adjustments. Hube

Okay, Hube: I replaced a couple of fittings and checked everything and now have NO LEAKS in the system. Still the pressure now just goes up to about 28# and hangs there; and when I shut the power to the pump off, my pressure in the house quickly goes down to nothing. Lemme know what to try next...

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