Re: DWV and Fernco Part II
Posted by LonnythePlumber on February 26, 2004 at 08:39:14:
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: : Contractors cannot fast talk their way out of an inspection.

: You *are* kidding here, right? My brother's house (in a jurisdiction that uses the UPC and requires inspection), plumbed by a licensed professional, has S-traps under the lavatory and kitchen sink. Oh, yeah, *that* passed inspection.

: The licensed professional plumber who came out to adjust my boiler today did it backwards: the gas pressure was already too high (boiler is overfiring) and he raised it. He set the gas valve output pressure to the rated *input* pressure of the boiler.

: I quit arguing after about 10 minutes, thanked him, sent him on his way, turned off the boiler, and called someone else. The only reason the guy was there in the first place was that his company installed the new gas valve under my home warranty (the only company they use).

: : You, as the homeowner is responsible to make sure whoever works in your home is competent, licensed, insured and all work performed is filed, inspected and approved.

: True, but without the necessary information, how can one judge competence? The best thing this board provides is the data necessary to make an informed judgement.

: As to inspections and filings, in many jurisdictions, these things don't exist. The only inspection my plumbing gets is the one *I* do, and that's not by my choice. Don't assume that everything is the same everywhere as it is where you are.

: Lest I seem too critical, let me hasten to add that I notice that you post a lot of useful information.

Chris you are evidently in a less strict jurisdiction than others. My city is stricter than my county but not as far as "S" traps or even close. It seems that the larger the jurisdiction the stricter the codes are enforced. The smaller the jurisdiction the more lea-way the individual inspector has.
The companies employed by the Home Inspection Companies usually have to provide a real economicaly bid to get the work. They are not always the most qualified organizations.

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