Re: Indirect draining a washing machine
Posted by Chris on February 25, 2004 at 23:00:05:
In response to Re: Indirect draining a washing machine
: The proper installation according to code would be for the laundry tub and WM to connect properly to the sanitary drainage and vent system with the appropriately sized lines.

*Sigh* Yeah, that's what I thought. Oh, well, I'll just put it on the list.

: In theory, a hook up as yours would work if the floor drain was 3" and vented, and had a strainer cover with a funnel attached to prevent splashing, similar to an indirect drain connection in a restaurant.

The floor drains *do* appear to be 3" CI, using my calibrated hand, and the funnel is easy enough to provide. On the other hand, the only venting in the entire house is the top of the 4" main stack, so the floor drains certainly aren't vented in any code-approved fashion. Another thing to put on the list, lol.

Thanks for your help.

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