Re: Help, this shower wont stop leaking!
Posted by e--plumber on February 25, 2004 at 11:50:51:
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: OK, I think ive done everything And I still can't figure this out. I've re-grouted and re-caulked. The tub/shower still leaked. So I re-did the grout and caulk. thinking that the grout did not cure correctly. Waiting 3 days. Still leaks. If you stand outside the shower and let the water flow around the walls, it doesnt leak at all. So I thought maybe it was the plumbing. But if you stand in the tub, let the water run, fill the tub, let it drain, it doesnt leak. But when someone takes a typical shower, the water leaks out to the room below like a waterfall. I know there is an answer here somewhere. Ill call a plumber but the detective inside me wont quit until I figure out why this this tub/shower wont stop leaking into my room below. Any other thoughts or sugestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated!!

: Joshua

The deflected water from your body while the shower is being used may be working its way through the wall around the faucet trim or tub spout where it sits against the wall.
Or the water is running over the edge of the tub or through the shower enclosure and making a very small stream of water which could be causing your leak to the area below.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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