Help, this shower wont stop leaking!
Posted by Josh on February 25, 2004 at 10:37:14:
OK, I think ive done everything And I still can't figure this out. I've re-grouted and re-caulked. The tub/shower still leaked. So I re-did the grout and caulk. thinking that the grout did not cure correctly. Waiting 3 days. Still leaks. If you stand outside the shower and let the water flow around the walls, it doesnt leak at all. So I thought maybe it was the plumbing. But if you stand in the tub, let the water run, fill the tub, let it drain, it doesnt leak. But when someone takes a typical shower, the water leaks out to the room below like a waterfall. I know there is an answer here somewhere. Ill call a plumber but the detective inside me wont quit until I figure out why this this tub/shower wont stop leaking into my room below. Any other thoughts or sugestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated!!


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