Re: Second water heater
Posted by Vince on February 25, 2004 at 08:33:45:
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In the garage...

Heater absolutely needs to be installed by fuel gas code. On a stand at least 18" off ground. Protect the heater from being hit by vehicles using bollards or a 6x6 piece of wood bolted to the floor in front of the unit.
You also need to check local code about T&P valve dumping outside the building. If this is required, you also need to install an "air gap" (brass funnel looking thing made by Watt's) in the line so you can visibly check the T&P valve for leakage.
More involved than "just puttin' a hot water heater in my garage"....

Now about the parallel part. Like HJ said, you would have to be very good for this. Listen to his advice about seperate units for seperate things. Not that hard to do in the whole scheme of things.

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