Re: Swaging copper tubing
Posted by hj on February 24, 2004 at 23:00:56:
In response to Re: Swaging copper tubing
If you try to oversize it, it will probably stretch and tear.

: Ever have one of those days? Everything I so much as looked at today broke: the hot water heater needs a new dip tube, the pressure reducing valve on the boiler is jammed, and then there's the baseboard radiator...

: I'm installing a new section of hot water baseboard. It's a little too long, so I cut it, as instructed, with a pipe cutter. As it is apparently made out of copper foil, rather than copper pipe, this produces a distinctly rounded end. I know that this won't solder well, and that I should swage it.

: The question is, should I try to get it back to tubing size and use a regular elbow *outside* it, or oversize it and use a street elbow *inside* it?

: Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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