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Posted by jJoey on February 24, 2004 at 22:08:39:
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: At the risk of offending the anti-diptube crowd, I would say you have classic symptoms. ( I assume from your description that you have a shortage of HOT water, pressure from the hot taps are more or less normal).

: The dip tube is under the nipple. The ones I have seen have a small flange at the top, and rubber cushion under the flange. They just lift out after removing the nipple.

: I am not specifically familiar with Bradford-WHite, so a check with a local supply house should get you the exact part you need.

: If the dip tube turns out to be OK, you have not wasted a lot of time or money, but will have more detective work to do.

It was the dip tube alright. It turned out that the dip tube is integral with the nipple. The old one was VERY hard to unscrew. In fact it started to crush until I put a big chisel into the ID. It took a little over 2 hours to do the job. $4.95 for the dip tube + a twenty cent coupling. Much better than throwing the whole water heater out! The miracle was that the cheesy nylon drain valve didn't fail when I opened it to drain some water out. Thanks for the help.

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