Wirsbo hePex question
Posted by Jamie Haas on February 23, 2004 at 20:05:55:
Hi, I am finishing a room over my garage and pex tubing is my best bet to connect the forced hot water baseboard heaters. I only needed about 30 feet (4 total connections) and this was very hard to find! A friend of mine was able to get some and it's Wirsbo hePex 3/4" tubing that I need to mate with the standard 3/4" copper tubing.

I rented a vanguard crimping tool online and learned the hard way that they aren't compatible! The wirsbo 3/4" tubing must be a smaller diameter than the vanguard bpex tubing!

Should I ditch the Wirsbo tubing and try to find a measly 30 feet of vanguard? I've read about the wirsbo "expansion" tool and I don't understand... it doesn't seem like that's the tool I need since I have a brass fitting that inserts into the end of the hepex tube and I need a tool that crimps, not expands. Does wirsbo make this?? Anywhere online that rents it?

Thanks for any help!

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