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Posted by Brian on February 23, 2004 at 16:24:05:
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I replaced the pressure gauge. Running a few faucets, I watched the pressure drop to 35, then the pump kicked and brought the pressure quickly back to 55. With the faucets off, the pressure is steady at 55.

I also cleaned the filter again. Still quite a bit of sand in the bottom. It is a 2 micron carbon filter.

I also got the USGS report that the well company filed: Drilled 10/93, 282 ft depth, 6 in. diam., 70ft steel casing, 63 ft to bedrock, no salt, water bearing zones are 160-275 ft, yield 10gpm tested via a 4 hr watch/bucket test, drilling method - air rotary, well log - top soil 0-1; brown silty soil 1-15; fine sand 15-35; gray silty soil & mica 35-63; gray schist(?) 63-230; gray white gneiss(?) 230-282.

We also have a radon issue in the house. Is it true that the carbon filter will help with the radon issue? Since I'm fairly sure that the filter is causing the problem with the pressure, why can't I move it before the pressure tank? That way the system will still be filtered and the pressure will be available (without a filter to pass through) as soon as a faucet is opened?

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