attaching pedestal sink to wall
Posted by Mike T. on February 23, 2004 at 15:36:58:
Hi everyone. I need a little advice on attaching a pedestal sink to drywall. The sink is an American Standard Cadet and has no bracket, just the holes in the in the back of the sink itself. The insturctions say to add a 2x6 support in between the wall studs behind the drywall to support the sink. The soon to be half bath is 32" wide and thus there is only one stud right in the center of the wall. So, I am assuming I would add one 2x6 brace on each side of that center stud and connect the other ends with the studs that make up the corners of the wall. Correct?

Two different plumbers from different companies told me that a brace is overkill. They said the base supports the sink and drywall anchors are good enough. Who do I believe? I would appreciate as many opinions as possible.

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