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Posted by ED on February 23, 2004 at 15:36:19:
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If this radon system installed while the home was being constructed...Usually a series of perforated pipes are placed under the slab that tied together, vent out.

For other readers...
If the system was installed AFTER the house was built, normally a vacuum pump is connected outside to a 4 inch pipe that runs about a foot under the slab into a hollowed out hole and sealed at the slab. When this is done, the sump well is usually capped with an airtight sealing cap that is caulked.

Either way, it should make little difference to re-route the pipe.

: I have a three inch vent in addition to the pump output coming out of my foundation sump well that I assume is a radon vent as a passive remediation system. The vent run will need to be relocated higher into the ceiling joists to finish the basement bashroom as it runs between a concrete wall and the toilet roughin about 30 inches above the floor. I will likely need a couple 45 and a 90 bend to relocate. Any special venting needs for such a system?

: Kirk

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