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Posted by ED on February 23, 2004 at 15:05:05:
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I think you answered your own questions.
NO, it is not code approved to run DWV lines through HVAC ducts for the same reasons.(in theory and otherwise) Fumes becoming spread throughout the house. And air flow obstructions.

It also looks very unprofessional to do that. If your home is inspected by an HI if you decide to sell it at some point, you would have to correct that problem at that point.

Better to do it right the first time.

: : I'm installing a new toilet and sink in a bath. I have a panned joist run that is used for return air for my HVAC system. Is it ok to run my DWV line through this return air area? Also, can anyone answer the same question about electrical through this return?

: I know that electrical wires in an HVAC duct are a code violation, unless you use plenum-rated, teflon insulated wires. The problem with regular PVC insulated wire is that in the case of the fire, it gives off much noxious smoke, which the HVAC system would then spread throughout the house.

: By the same logic, I would avoid plactic plumbing lines in the ductwork. Plus, you have the problem that the lines take up a sizable fraction of the space, reducing airflow.

: On the wiring question, I have some professional expertise, as I am a network designer and installer and have installed a *lot* of network cable. As to the plumbing question, I am simply a reasonably well-informed amateur, but it strikes me as a really bad idea.

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