Re: Accidentally flushed a small shampoo bottle - am I in trouble?
Posted by hj on February 23, 2004 at 08:08:40:
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It may be easier to call a plumber since he may be able to remove it without taking anything apart. Your brother may be able to help, but he may have to remove the toilet and dump the bottle out, assuming it is not stuck in the toilet.

: Thanks for your helpful reply. This morning when I tried to test flush, it is now not draining correctly... almost overflowed! I tried pushing the water out by forcing the water into the "drain" part and it didn't seem to work. I came back to it half an hour later, and it is now completely drained. I'm afraid to flush again... is it time now to call someone? Or can my brother solve this problem? Thanks again for your help!!! :)

: : No use calling a plumber until you have a problem. Until that happens he/she will have no idea where it could be lodged, assuming it did not flow all the way to the city's main sewer.

: : : Hello,

: : : Thanks for reading this and for your advice. I've just accidentally knocked a small shampoo bottle down the toilet - quite embarrassing. :( I've tried to reach for the bottle but it's gone! The toilet seems to flush fine and I've tried flushing toilet paper and it seems normal. Do I need to call in a plumber or am I ok?

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