Re: Accidentally flushed a small shampoo bottle - am I in trouble?
Posted by Gary Swart on February 23, 2004 at 00:58:31:
In response to Re: Accidentally flushed a small shampoo bottle - am I in trouble?
First, don't plunge it. The plastic bottle probably isn't going to push past the trap area. Taking a toilet up isn't a really difficult task. Shut the water supply off, flush the tank to empty it. Actually there will be a small amount of water left and that should be sponged out to avoid a mess later. Then dip and sponge to water out of the bowl. There will be a small amount that you can't get, but not enough to really bother too much. Disconnect the supply line from the tank and unscrew the nuts on the two flange bolts. The toilet is now ready to be removed. Carefully rock it from side to side to break the seal and lift it off of the flange. Here's the messy part. Lay the toilet on it's side. Any water left will run out, so have some old towels handy. If the bottle hasn't appeared doing all of this, use a wire from the underside and you should be able to pop it out. Resetting is just the reverse of removing. Clean the wax residue from the drain outlet with some old rags. You will probably want a new wax ring available at any hardware or plumbing shop. The newer waxless rings are good, a little more money but less mess. Set the toilet over the drain and lower it onto the ring. Rock and push down to seat the toilet into the ring. Replace the flange bolts, reconnect the water supply, and turn it on. Check for leaks around the supply line connections. That should do it. It can be done by one person, but two people would be best.

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