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Posted by Deb on February 21, 2004 at 22:16:05:
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: Hi
: I ripped out our old tub/shower combo and am going to install a whirlpool and seprate shower. I have cut into the concrete slab exposed the 2" drain and have looked at all the books on installation but they are all for 2 story houses. It illustrates the Wye fittings going in vertical. What about horizontal. Should the opening be above the drain or can it go in at at angle. I have this fear of the tub draining into the shower.

: Thanks
: Mike

You cannot just cut in a wye anywhere and add a fixture. The piping between a p-trap and its vent is a trap arm and you cannot add a drain to the trap arm of another fixture. The "new" fixture will also have to be vented. You may need a plumber to look at what you have and advise. Done properly (emphasis on the properly), the shower will not drain into the tub.
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