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Posted by Deb on February 20, 2004 at 15:40:23:
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: We recently bought a new home. We have a 250' well with a Morris 3/4hp 7gpm submersible pump. The well is about 125' from the house (uphill to the house). It comes into the basement through a check valve with a pressure gauge (stuck at 45). It then tees into a Well-X-Trol WX-203 pressure tank (32 gal.). Following that the pressure switch and then an Omni U25 canister filter with a TO1 carbon filter (recently changed). The feed pipes throughout the house are 3/4" inner diameter. The pipes teed off the feed pipe to each faucet is 1/2" inner diameter. I have checked all the on/off valves in the system and made sure that the filter is not partially closed. I have cleaned the aerators throughout the house. We noticed sand in the filter and the aerators when we first moved in. So, when the wiring in the well was recently replaced (10 years old), I had them raise the pump 10'. The tank seems to cycle appropriately. It comes on after the water has been run for a while and doesn't constantly cycle.

: All that being said, my water pressure is lousy - especially on the the 2nd floor. When the washing machine is on, there is barely a trickle on the 2nd floor. Could there be sand restricting the system in/around the pressure tank? What else can I check?

First of all, I have to say that your pump seems small. I have a 200' deep well with a 1-1/2 hp pump.
The first thing you need to do is to replace the pressure gauge so that you really know what is going on. What is the gpm and micron size of the filter you are using? Filters with too small a micron rating can clog completely immediately. Have you pulled the hoses to your washer to check for sand? Do you have a drain on your pressure tank? If so, open and see what the pressure is there. You may want to consider a sand interceptor.
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