Bathroom in the basement
Posted by borntofish on February 19, 2004 at 23:14:16:
I have a 3 year old home and I would like to finish the basement and add a bathroom. I want to add a toilet, sink, and tub. My soil waste pipe runs above the slab along the wall.

I do not have the pipes roughed in and am trying to decide what to do. I do have a waste basin with an ejector pump right in the area I would like to add the bathroom. Here are my questions...........

1. Is the goal in the installation to run all the drain lines to the basin?

2. Do I need to tie all the fixtures into the vent stack?

3. As a fairly capable handyman with limited plumbing experience should I attempt this or give it to a pro?

4. What should I expect to pay for this if I go with a pro?


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