need help fast with faucet replacement
Posted by keith on February 19, 2004 at 19:35:42:
i live in an apartment with a free-standing tub and a separate shower stall. my girlfriend won't shower in the stall so i bought a shower converter kit for the tub. the main water line and hot and cold pipes come straight up through the floor (since tub is on the second floor) and then a small pipe connects into the tub where a faucet with no controls or diverter comes out into the tub. i got a faucet that just has a diverter and spout for the shower rod attachment, but i don't know how or if i can get the old faucet off without damaging the tub (it is an apartment, not my home). i also don't know where the shutoff valve is becuase it isn't in an obvious place near the tub. i'd probably have to find it in the basement. i am focused on completing this task however i need some direction to get me started, and i don't know much more than the basics of plumbing..,any help is appreciated.

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