Re: Modulate temperature with well water circulating under floor?
Posted by hj on February 19, 2004 at 12:08:39:
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If it would work you would want to use fairly small diameter tubing and a lot of it since the surface area is the most important factor in heat transfer. You would also have to return the water to a different well or else the water would quickly/eventually reach a point of stasis where it is the same termperature as the cabin. As long as the water is not exposed to any contamination, it should be satisfactory to return it to the ground, although the ideal would be to return it to a different strata than it was taken from. Ground well heat systems operate like that all the time.

: : I'd like to modulate the temperature of a cabin. If I put plastic or PEX pipes under the flooring and run the shallow well pump continuously, will that work? I'd return the water to the well after the heat transfer. If it might work, where can I find heat loss tables to determine the type/size of pipes needed (e.g., with a 30 degree air-water difference, a 3/4" inch plastic pipe looses 1-degree every 10 feet)?

: This will most likely not work. Unless you are in some geothermal area, there is simply not enough heat to do any kind of good. What is the temp of your water? I don't think much about returning "used" water into a well.
: The best thing you can do is to make sure that the space under the cabin is absolutely tight. A crawl space that lets absolutely no cold air in stays amazingly warm from the ground heat. We went under our place and sealed every single little tiny space that let light in.
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