Re: Serious Drain Issues!!! HELP!!!!
Posted by hj on February 19, 2004 at 08:15:02:
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What do you mean you have not noticed any sewage backup? That is exactly what you have and the main line needs to be cleared. One item with mobile homes that is not always considered is that they sometimes have a "P" trap in the sewer where the pipe enters the ground. If you have one of those the ideal thing is to remove it.

: I live in a mobile home. My problem is this. When I use my washing machine (which is adjacent to my bathroom)my bath tub fills with water, my toilet bowl bubbles and fills up and a small amount of water leaks out where the wax ring seats to the floor, and the drain pipe of my CWM overflows onto the floor. I have not noticed any sewage back up or odor. I notice the water in the tub is from the washing machine due to the color and the "fuzz" content. After this happens, it takes hours for the bath tub and toilet to drain down. I have so many opinions from people, I thought it was time to ask a pro!! Please help if you can! Thanks!

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