Not sounding like a good idea
Posted by ew on February 18, 2004 at 15:44:32:
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Not sure which direction you want to modulate. However, would not suspect it feasable in either direction. If trying to cool, you want the cool air as high as possible, in a humid area the floors would sweat if in an area of very low humidity sweating may not be a problem but circulation and conductivity is an issue. The list of reasons will only grow from here.

: I'd like to modulate the temperature of a cabin. If I put plastic or PEX pipes under the flooring and run the shallow well pump continuously, will that work? I'd return the water to the well after the heat transfer. If it might work, where can I find heat loss tables to determine the type/size of pipes needed (e.g., with a 30 degree air-water difference, a 3/4" inch plastic pipe looses 1-degree every 10 feet)?

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