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Posted by Watson on February 18, 2004 at 14:45:39:
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: : Although manufacturers of solid surface shower pans do not seem to mention it, I have seen several plumbing experts on the web still recommend installing some sort of membrane shower pan underneath the solid surface formed pan. Most say this is protection against sweating and added insurance for any leakage around the drain and pan at the walls.

: : I would like to do this for the SwanStone pan I am installing; however, I have yet to find an appropriate shower drain fitting that will clamp to the SwanStone pan drain and also provide for the attachment of a membrane pan underneath. My drain system is ABS pipe. Everything I find is for ceramic tile installations it seems.

: : Does anyone know of a particular manufacturer and model of fitting I can procure?

: : Thanks -- Watson

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: A Swanstone prefab shower base does not need an additional shower liner installed under it. There is no possible way that you would be able to connect the shower membrane material correctly to the drain line with a water tight seal. If a leak does develope in the Swanstone base, strainer or wall material, you would want to know about it and correct it and not let a memebrane liner catch the leak.
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Thanks a bunch! I can follow your logic of wanting to know if such a leak developed. With the flooring/wall repairs I am now doing as a result of a leaking lead pan in a ceramic shower (circa 1979 construction), I am really "punchy" about what goes back in because I did not want this to happen again. In seeing several plumbing contractors say they did install membrane liners even with this kind of shower pan, I wondered how they did it, for one thing, and why for another.


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