Time to start over
Posted by Been there on February 18, 2004 at 13:58:39:
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Time to dissassemble and reclean, and resolder, which, I might add, is the way to go with any leaking fitting. You may find it easier just to replace the fitting than trying to clean it out, but it can be done.

: I've already searched this forum for guidance in sweating copper and gotten excellent instructions and information. I can almost always make a good connection. That's -almost- always. How to I fix a botched, leaking copper joint?

: I just finished a new run with about 20 joints. On all the joints, my solder melted and wicked into the joints nicely and the work looks good. One lousy joint, however is leaking.

: In a triumph of hope over experience, I redrained the line, reheated, and resweated the offending joint without dissassembling it. Like before, the water was completely drained, and the solder flowed by contact with the pipe opposite of the torch.

: I tried the above about 3 times, and now the joint is getting uglier and uglier looking. Can this be fixed in place? Do I need to dissassemble and reclean? Do I have to cut and replace a section?

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