Re: New whirlpool
Posted by hj on February 18, 2004 at 08:04:24:
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My preference is Jetta, although they may not have distributor in your area. They put a heavy foam coating on the exterior to minimize heat loss and will place the motor where necessary. You will be living with the tub for a long time so price, while a consideration, should not be the driving force in your decision.

: Well, no, we've only narrowed out choices. They all have the drain at the supply end, which of course is about 2' from where our drain pipe is now. If i have to just break up the slab and extend the line, that's ok- i just wanted to make sure there wasn't some trick to it that only the plumbing inspector knows!

: Re: the pump location- what we've found is that most of the tubs in our price range come with the pump in whatever location the manufacturer put it in. A custom location for the pump seems to mean $$$. Any suggestions are welcome- we are currently looking at Am. Standard mostly.

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