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Posted by hj on February 17, 2004 at 22:29:40:
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Do you already have the new tub selected? If not, there is a good possibility that the drain will be in the center at the "front" edge. Many, if not most, manufacturers will put the pump where you designate it for access to the pump.

: Hello-
: We're considering installing a new whirlpool tub in place of an existing shower stall during a full bathroom remodel. Questions are:
: 1) Existing shower drain is centered on the 62"x32" stall. Is breaking up the slab and extending the drain to where the end of the tub will be the only option? If so, is there a decent source on thr Web or in print to get educated how to handle such a job?

: 2) Existing bathroom layout dictates that pump end of the new tub will be against an exterior cinder block wall, and directly next to the toilet. Is there an easier way to allow for service access than knocking a hole in the concrete wall? if not, any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

: Thanks in advance for your advice!

: Dennis

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