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Posted by David on February 17, 2004 at 20:02:25:
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Thanks e-plumber. I do have an overflow outlet in the tub and I was wondering if a proper connection would have the overflow pipe connected to the drain pipe? Maybe that connection would hold the drain pipe in position?

Rather than taking a chance, I will leave well enough alone until I have real problem!

: : I have a fiberglass shower/tub unit approximately 10 yrs. old, and I would like to replace the drain fitting in the tub (the chrome plating has worn off). I do not have access to the connection from behind or below the tub.

: : It appears as though the drain pipe directly under the strainer makes a very sharp bend (appears almost flat) heading back under the tub.

: : If I were to remove the drain connection by twisting it out by the strainer, what is the likelyhood that the drain pipe will drop out of position, causing a problem?

: Reply:
: You're taking a chance. If it drops, you may not get the new strainer threads caught in the tub shoe and the other end may get disturbed and develope a leak. From past experience, access is usually required from the bottom, rear or side to do this, but you'll only find out by trying...
: Good Luck. e-plumber

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